The Top 20 Reasons to Hire a Coach


Why I hired a coach

I hired a life coach in 2006 after both my parents had passed away because I needed some direction, accountability, and a sounding board to process all my questions about “what’s next in my life?”    In 2014, I hired a business coach to help me strategies and get WingBuilder up and running.

In both situations, I received tremendous benefit from the process of coaching and the results accomplished.  Without a doubt, my work with coaches during times of great transition was an essential part of creating a positive transformation and vision for my next life chapter.

Alternatives to Coaching

Of course, there is more than one way to go through a major transition in life.   Some people process change privately by journaling, thinking, and following spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation, while others prefer asking family, friends, therapists, and spiritual leaders/teachers/pastors for advice and encouragement to support their growth.

These are all excellent and viable choices, and I do most of these, too.  I believe that it’s a good idea to use all the resources available to you, especially when you are making a very big and important decision or change in your life or career.

Fast and Fabulous

In my experience, though, working with a trained coach in addition to many of these other more common practices can add rocket fuel to the process of decision-making and action-taking.

Coaches are specialists in helping you move forward toward your deepest dreams and desires for your life and zoning in on exactly what is needed for you to get out of your own way and reach your goals.

You may be wondering if hiring a life or business coach is a good idea for you.   There are hundreds of benefits, but here are my top twenty…

 Top 20 reasons for hiring a coach:

  1. Get your ideas out of your head and into reality.
  2. Human beings are better than journals – they reflect, respond, and encourage.
  3. A trained coach is impartial and doesn’t have all the baggage or personal bias that comes with a family relationship or friendship.
  4. Therapy is great for processing past pain and trauma, but coaching is all about building an amazing future.
  5. Coaches ask probing questions that you may have never thought about, designed to stimulate “out of the box” solutions.
  6. A good coach will help you dive deep into your own personal resources to come up with a customized individual solution to your challenges.
  7. Regular appointments on the calendar promote accountability and action, while “let’s have lunch and talk some time” does not.
  8. Unlike most therapy, coaching can take place over the phone or by Skype – in your home, office, coffee shop, or wherever it’s convenient for YOU.
  9. Most coaches provide e-mail support in between sessions, so support is more easily accessible.
  10. Coaching is laser-focused on YOU and your goals.  No need for small talk, banter, or turn-taking as you would when conversing with a friend- it’s down to business right away for fast and effective action.
  11. Look at a list of successful people in any field, and you will find that many or most of them have had coaches or mentors.  They must be on to something!
  12. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Investing in a coach is an investment in yourself, and you will prioritize what you value.
  13. Coaches help provide a structure, system, or framework to help you achieve your goals in a step-by-step way rather than haphazardly as we often do on our own.
  14. Coaches are all about building you up, not tearing you down.  Knowing that your coach is 100% committed to your success can make a huge difference in your results.
  15. There are so many coaches now that it’s possible to find a coach that is a good match for your temperament, personality, and specific goals.
  16. Coaching is a “secret weapon” for achieving amazing results in a short amount of time, whether it’s for personal or business reasons.
  17. Most coaches are caring, friendly, and fun to talk to!
  18. Dogs are great when you need unconditional love and support, but they shed and poop.  Coaching does not involve any care, feeding, or cleanup.
  19. Coaching is a gift you give yourself so that you have more life/career satisfaction and energy to give to others.
  20. Most coaches provide a free introductory consultation so that you can “test drive” the coaching process and see if it works for you!

For all these reasons and more, I highly recommend that everyone try coaching.  Next to international travel, coaching has been one of the most inspiring and life-changing investments of my life.

The best way to choose a coach is to talk to several coaches on the phone or Skype until you find one that you feel comfortable working with on a longer-term basis.

If you are ready to give coaching a try or still have questions about whether it’s the right choice for you,  contact me today at and sign up for a free 30-minute discovery consultation.   I look forward to talking with you soon!

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