Ride your dragon


What are you doing about the dragons in your life?

Maybe your life is currently dominated by one or more external dragons:   debt, disease, disability, divorce, disaster, death of a loved one, or life’s difficulties and daily demands.

More insidious are the internal dragons:  doubt, disappointment, dread, discouragement, depression, disorganization, and defeat.

Most of us have more than one dragon we are dealing with in life.   It’s how we respond to our dragons that makes a difference in whether we live a life limited by fear or inspired by courage.

In dragon stories, the hero has three basic options when it comes to dealing with a dragon:

1.  Ignore and hide
2.  Confront and slay
3.  Respect and ride

Dragons are fierce and frightening beasts.  Most of us start with option one because we don’t really want to face the dragon.  Then we get a burst of energy or motivation and move on to option two when we feel there is a possibility of conquering the dragon.

Some stubborn dragons just will not die, no matter how strong the warrior is.  Maybe that’s for a reason. Maybe that dragon is there to bring forth a new kind of courage – the courage of a dragon-rider.

Look at the list above and pick out the dragons that have the potential to cause the most destruction in your life right now.   What are you doing about them – are you in HIDE, SLAY, or RIDE mode right now?

Imagine what it might be like to ride your dragon for right now.   Just look it in the eye with as much courage as you can muster, and say to it, “You will not destroy me.  You are part of my life right now, and I am going to ride you.  Let’s move through this adventure story together for now.”

Sometimes it’s not about conquering your fears and overcoming all your obstacles.    Often the best thing to do is to keep living a creative, courageous, and compassionate life DESPITE your fears and obstacles.



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