Bug Soup


One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar.  ~ Helen Keller

When you stop to consider it, the process a caterpillar goes through to change into a butterfly is really quite magical.  It’s scientific name is “holometabolism.”

The tiny creature inside its cocoon or chrysalis breaks down completely into a soupy, formless mess before going through a radical shift in design, function, and identity.   Within just a few weeks, what was once and ugly creepy crawling thing is a beautiful fluttering fairy-like creature… with wings!

In our lives, we often go through big changes just like the caterpillar that seem at the time to be nothing more than a horrible, soupy mess.   In those times of “bug soup” as Martha Beck calls them, it often helps just to remain still and dream some butterfly dreams for a bit.   Once we surrender to the process and the deeper purpose of these challenging times, it then becomes easier to emerge from the hardened, protective chrysalis into the creature that we were meant to become all along.

Here are some thoughts to consider or write about in your journal:

1.  Where in your life do things feel like “bug soup” right now?

2. Is it possible that you need to just rest and stop striving so hard for a season?  Are you willing to allow the miracle of spiritual/emotional/physical “holometabolism” to occur naturally?  Or are you fighting too hard to control it?

3.  You may have experienced some terrible losses and disappointments that have hardened your heart and kept you from staying open to the possibilities of life, love, and hope.   While it feels safer there, eventually you’ll need to come out of that hard, protective shell.   What will it take for you to be ready?  What hopes for the future give you the strength to emerge?

4. Are you ready to start building some new wings of creativity and courage to lift your heart and launch your dreams?  What specific actions can you take TODAY to start moving toward living a more creative and courageous life?  Who can provide support to encourage you?  What specific action plan can you take to fly closer to your wildest dreams?

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