WingBuilder Academy

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Coming Soon!  WingBuilder Workshop and E-Course:   LEAP and WINGS

WingBuilder Academy also offers two life-changing group programs to help you design a clear blueprint for activating and achieving growth and success, in your personal life, professional life, or both. 

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Launch your Excellence, Activate your Passion

LEAP: Launch your Excellence, Activate your Passion is a one-day virtual intensive workshop for those who are ready to take a leap of faith to discover their heart song and make a radical life lift or career shift.          

LEAP is a virtual intensive jump start that will teach you how to

  • Uncover exactly what is not working in your life right now so that you can make a change.IMG_2780
  • Define your specific needs so that you can commit to a life lift, career shift…. or both.
  • Discover your life purpose and calling so that you can serve the world in your authentic niche.
  • Identify your deepest values and match them with your life and career choices for the future.
  • Design a strategic action plan that works for your personality, preferences, and passions.
  • Activate strategies for overcoming obstacles – your External and Internal Dragons.
  • Develop a personal life and career Flight Plan to ensure ongoing motivation and success.
  • Put your passion into action immediately and LAUNCH A LIFE YOU LOVE!


Wisdom and Inspiration Nurturing Growth and Success

WINGS:  Wisdom and Inspiration Nurturing Growth and Success is a 6-week course and community for those who have participated in the LEAP Virtual Intensive Workshop and want a deeper dive into career change and life-launch strategies along with community support and ongoing coaching.

WINGS is a deep dive training with solutions to.

  • Eliminate the root causes of stress, anxiety and depression that weigh you down and hold you back from launching the life of your dreams.
  • Connect to your heart and source with spiritual practices that will make your life meaningful and your calling and mission more clear than ever before.
  • Soar above trauma and adversity by activating resilience strategies that make you strong and powerfully able to overcome any obstacle or setback.
  • Deepen your self-awareness and strengthen your commitment to ensure that your values align with your life purpose and vocational calling so that your priorities come into clear focus.
  • Connect and communicate with others in the WINGS program community who are committed to lifting their hearts, launching their dreams, and loving their lives.